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Mobile deployment options for the enterprise world

Like it or not mobility is central part of our life, we as a species are designed with mobility in mind, we move each day between our homes and our offices, between our desks to various meeting rooms and project premises to perform our duties. As evolution, we are in the information age, we left the industrial revolution long behind and we are mostly producing value and wealth based on information, we are in the middle of the informational revolution. So what we are witnessing, in the last years with the evolution of mobile phones, mobile devices like tables and […]

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Real-time web presentations with Google+ Hangouts and Scribd

One of the compelling features of Google+ is Hangouts. It enables group video chat rooms that are advertised on a user’s profile. It’s one of the few options of doing web video communication that involves more than two persons. Early after launching the social product positioned against Facebook, Google also published a developer preview of the Hangouts API. Since I’m a huge fan of real-time communication over the Internet, I immediately became interested in this. A hangout app consists of an XML application file that describes basic properties and references to various resources such as CSS and JavaScript files. The […]

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