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RavenDB – yet another NoSQL DBMS … or not?

Nowadays we see more and more non relational database management systems put forward especially in the PaaS / IaaS field: DynamoDB & SimpleDB (on Amazon), MongoDB, Apache Cassandra,  Microsoft Azure Table Storage, CouchDB etc. If we would take a look at the .NET world, what alternatives do we have for Azure Nosql Storage? Many of the most popular NoSQL dbms interface with .NET via different means like web oriented APIs, Thrift interface, COM interop & LINQ adapters built on top of services, but this article will focus on a .NET native one which was built targeting the .NET platform in […]

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Real-time web presentations with Google+ Hangouts and Scribd

One of the compelling features of Google+ is Hangouts. It enables group video chat rooms that are advertised on a user’s profile. It’s one of the few options of doing web video communication that involves more than two persons. Early after launching the social product positioned against Facebook, Google also published a developer preview of the Hangouts API. Since I’m a huge fan of real-time communication over the Internet, I immediately became interested in this. A hangout app consists of an XML application file that describes basic properties and references to various resources such as CSS and JavaScript files. The […]

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Is Cloud Computing taking off?

Everybody is talking about cloud computing these days and honestly looking at the trend’s slope I won’t be surprised to hear soon even pickup lines inspired by this new paradigm. Every now and then it is almost natural to ask ourselves one simple question – why? Is it because of some sort of worldwide conspiracy or is it the fact that this new paradigm adds real value to both the technical and business worlds? Although it is impossible to exhaustively answer these questions in a single article I will try to get to the bottom of a more approachable one […]

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