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The future native cross platform UI technology that may not be

Everybody is beating the world wide web horse with respect to cross platform software UI. With so many devices and operating systems on the market today, developers become confronted with a difficult problem, that of choosing which one to develop their applications for. We’ve blogged about this before, recommending the web as a safe and future-proof target, especially for enterprise software user interfaces. The web is not the only answer It is unquestionable that native software development brings the best possible user experience for an application. This makes a lot of sense since a platform vendor, such as Apple, Microsoft […]

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Platform of choice for enterprise UI

Confidently adopting a framework for a new application is a difficult task, especially for the user interface part, with so many mature technology choices. Desktop PCs are no longer the only devices that are used in organizations and employees have increasing expectations regarding the accessibility of the business infrastructure. This becomes an important challenge for ISVs in the upcoming period as software products get renewed and migrated on modern technologies. It’s also a challenge for the developers here at Yonder who have to keep up to date with technology and tool trends since we’re in the business of helping ISVs adapt […]

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Real-time web presentations with Google+ Hangouts and Scribd

One of the compelling features of Google+ is Hangouts. It enables group video chat rooms that are advertised on a user’s profile. It’s one of the few options of doing web video communication that involves more than two persons. Early after launching the social product positioned against Facebook, Google also published a developer preview of the Hangouts API. Since I’m a huge fan of real-time communication over the Internet, I immediately became interested in this. A hangout app consists of an XML application file that describes basic properties and references to various resources such as CSS and JavaScript files. The […]

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