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Compilers as a Service – Microsoft’s Project Roslyn

Introduction Ever since we’ve had compilers, they have been regarded as black boxes that process the code we write in one programming language or another and then magically create object code that can then be executed by the computer processor. Now I’ve always been genuinely curious about how these black boxes actually work, which is why I took not one but two compiler courses during my bachelor studies. So when I heard about Microsoft’s Project Roslyn in one of the BUILD talks in September, presented by the man behind C# himself, Anders Hejlsberg, I immediately wanted to play with the […]

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Real-time web presentations with Google+ Hangouts and Scribd

One of the compelling features of Google+ is Hangouts. It enables group video chat rooms that are advertised on a user’s profile. It’s one of the few options of doing web video communication that involves more than two persons. Early after launching the social product positioned against Facebook, Google also published a developer preview of the Hangouts API. Since I’m a huge fan of real-time communication over the Internet, I immediately became interested in this. A hangout app consists of an XML application file that describes basic properties and references to various resources such as CSS and JavaScript files. The […]

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Can Google Dart replace JavaScript?

As a front-end developer, the prospect of putting down some thoughts about Google Dart got me both excited and intrigued. A new programming language to replace JavaScript? Even coming from Google this seems a bit abrupt, especially given their bad track record with commitment. Or is it? Could Dart be the general solution that many developers have been waiting for? Let’s look at some language basics and try to gain some perspective on Dart and Google’s position in regards to JavaScript and the future of web development as we know it. Language overview “Hmm… looks a lot like Java” is […]

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The great things about mobile web applications

Developing an application for mobile platforms can be done in two ways, as a native or web application. Based on its purpose and target audience, each method has its advantages. Developing using the platform’s native language offers great performance and access to the device’s full list of functional API’s. On the other hand, you need to develop that particular application using a different language for each targeted platform. Android has Java, iOS has Objective C, Windows Phone has .NET, just to mention a few. A web application in the context of mobile platforms is a normal browser based application that’s […]

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A Lap Around Windows 8 Developer Preview

Before last month’s BUILD conference (the launch event for Windows 8 Developer Preview), many may have thought that Windows 8, Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, is just eye candy and it probably only works well with touchscreen devices. The truth is, it’s much more than that, at least judging from the presentations and demos shown at the developer conference.

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Is Cloud Computing taking off?

Everybody is talking about cloud computing these days and honestly looking at the trend’s slope I won’t be surprised to hear soon even pickup lines inspired by this new paradigm. Every now and then it is almost natural to ask ourselves one simple question – why? Is it because of some sort of worldwide conspiracy or is it the fact that this new paradigm adds real value to both the technical and business worlds? Although it is impossible to exhaustively answer these questions in a single article I will try to get to the bottom of a more approachable one […]

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