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Big Data, Big Confusion

In an era when storage and processing costs are increasingly smaller, the traditional view of the manner in which we operate with data is changing crucially. The hunt for information in the data forest In “Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think” authors Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier begin by presenting the situation of the year 2009, when the virus H1N1 represented a major concern for World Health Organisation and, in particular, for the American government. The rapid evolution of the epidemics created difficulties for CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), a governmental […]

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Compilers as a Service – Microsoft’s Project Roslyn

Introduction Ever since we’ve had compilers, they have been regarded as black boxes that process the code we write in one programming language or another and then magically create object code that can then be executed by the computer processor. Now I’ve always been genuinely curious about how these black boxes actually work, which is why I took not one but two compiler courses during my bachelor studies. So when I heard about Microsoft’s Project Roslyn in one of the BUILD talks in September, presented by the man behind C# himself, Anders Hejlsberg, I immediately wanted to play with the […]

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Can Google Dart replace JavaScript?

As a front-end developer, the prospect of putting down some thoughts about Google Dart got me both excited and intrigued. A new programming language to replace JavaScript? Even coming from Google this seems a bit abrupt, especially given their bad track record with commitment. Or is it? Could Dart be the general solution that many developers have been waiting for? Let’s look at some language basics and try to gain some perspective on Dart and Google’s position in regards to JavaScript and the future of web development as we know it. Language overview “Hmm… looks a lot like Java” is […]

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Yonder article about Visual Effects with Modern Browsers published in JsMag

We are proud to announce that JsMag – a premium content magazine focusing on JavaScript – has published in it’s October issue an article signed by Daniel Ghiță, Senior Developer at Yonder. In the introduction of his article Daniel says – This article analyzes how visual effects such as grayscale and blur can be applied to images inside web browsers. This can be used in all current browsers today, without any plugins or other third-party extensions, both on the desktop and on mobile platforms. Compared to using multiple images, applying visual effects in the browser can improve both the loading […]

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